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Hair accessories, clothing accessories and home decor.

FLORES PRESUMIDAS is an company that offers handmade accessories to supplement garments and objects. Its different and sophisticated designs encompass different trends and suggestions by particular clients and enterprises. Flores Presumidas offers a comprehensive concept for clothing, accessories, objects and decorative items.

Our fashion accessories with fabric flowers highlight the femininity of each woman and evoke the romanticism and bohemia of the 30ís. They are a sum of urban, contemporary, classic and vintage ideas.
In our products, the rose acts as the point of departure and leitmotiv of most designs.

Each season, accessory fashion is recreated according to the momentís needs and available resources. Therefore, FLORES PRESUMIDAS suggests a return to the pastís elegance in the cut, texture, processes and treatment of our handmade products. Regarding the confection of each design, we use noble products such as organza, satin, velvet, lace, sequins, embroidery, etc. By doing this, we highlight the quality, exclusiveness and extreme care in every detail, for our products are made by highly qualified hands.

Fabric flowers: fashion accessories for clothing

(Argentina and outside the country)

FLORES PRESUMIDAS offers exclusive accessories and designs for each client and provides great quality assurance.

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